Chris Gilbey

Chris has an ability to identify talented people and mentor them so as to maximise the impact of their creative genius.

As an entrepreneur in his own right he has been built and sold businesses in both high tech and media industries.

Recently he has been lecturing on the Future History of Media and Communications at the University of Wollongong. Through his company, Perceptric Pty Limited he consults on branding, marketing and business development. He also aids clients in developing sales strategies and capital raising.

Chris is an outcomes-oriented, creative, lateral thinker.

Chris was the CEO of ASX listed company, Lake Technology, which he successfully sold to Dolby Laboratories (NYSE) in 2006. He subsequently consulted to Dolby’s Consumer Division on global consumer strategy. He co-founded and is a non-executive director of Vquence, a video metrics company.

As a marketing consultant in media Chris drove the branding strategy and roll out of The TV Shopping Network (TVSN) to over 40 countries. Prior to that he was Senior Executive VP of BMG Records and prior to that was a successful entrepreneur in the music industry – working either in a capacity of executive producer, manager or publisher with Australian artists that include AC/DC, John Paul Young, The Church, The Saints and Tommy Emmanuel.

Chris received the Order of Australia in 1992 for his contribution to the music industry and charity. (He was the founding chairman of the Golden Stave (later the Golden Stave Foundation).


What students said about one of the courses taught in 2010 by Chris Gilbey:

“The DIGC302 experience mimicked a realistic business situation like no other subject. Working as a team rather than individually helped us provide work of the up-most quality to our clients. It has provided me with new personal insights as to what to expect from the work force.”

“As a whole this subject was easily the highlight of my degree. I learnt more about the business world then I had in any of my previous subjects, networked with some great people and made some friends who I know I will stay in contact with.”

“To use a metaphor if the outside workplace was riding a bike and university was learning from instruction manuals how to ride a bike then digc302 is riding a bike with training wheels. Basically the perfect way to ensure that when we get into the workplace that we are not left shell-shocked by what is expected from us.”

“The course broke the boundaries of regular university work. We were able to communicate with corporate clients in a way that gave us the power of equality. What we had to offer was important to the clients, not just another essay in the pile as is the feeling with standard university courses.”



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