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The Colours Of Marketing In Tokyo

In Consumers on February 14, 2011 at 7:06 pm

Last year when I was teaching the BCM 301 class at UoW I talked a few times about the different colour palettes of marketing in the countries of the east.

I arrived in Tokyo this morning and was immediately blasted by the incredible difference in the colours of merchandising displays in Japan with those in Australia.

As I was looking at the displays I thought back to the idea of talking to people about them rather than showing them precisely what I meant. So I took some pictures today as I was walking around the Ginza and then in the Big Camera Store in Shibuya.

Look at the amazing blasts of colour that are used in Japan. Totally different to the way that colour is used in Australia, and different shades too…

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Music Project

In Convergence, Social Media on January 30, 2011 at 3:36 pm
Left to right: Steve Kilbey, Marty Willson-Pip...

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Over the last couple of months I have been developing a new music project.

It’s hard to say where an idea starts… But during the last year, let’s just say that the planets came into alignment and the ideas started flowing.

So 15 years after leaving the music industry, I signed a band. Several people have said to me, “are you sure this is going to be the next big thing?”. My answer is that when I first saw AC/DC I thought that they were a good band, but not the next big thing. When I saw InXs, I thought that they were a good band with good songs. When I saw Noiseworks I thought…  You get the picture? You see an act, and you hear the songs and you think that you see potential. That is the magic ingredient – “potential”. Read the rest of this entry »

Effective Marketing

In Convergence, Technology on January 23, 2011 at 7:30 am
Ray Kurzweil at UP Experience 2008.

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People invariably don’t understand how marketing works. Even marketers don’t understand.

They think that if they buy more spots on TV, make a harder hitting ad, they will sell more product.

They think that if they shout louder, they will get their ideas across more effectively.

The reality is that they marketers are generally like an English-speaking tourist in a foreign country, lost and looking for their hotel, or a restaurant, or a bathroom. The urgency they feel to cut through is compelling. But the fact that they speak a different language doesn’t help. And if they speak louder, or put on a Monty Python German or French accent, it isn’t going to help them communicate with the locals, who think that this foreigner is not just ignorant, but mad as well.

We are all trying to sell or buy something. It helps if you understand and speak the local language.

However, even if you do, you have to find a way to cut through.

I remember my friend Ervin Grinberg telling me that sometimes in the crowded room the way to get through to people is not to shout louder than everyone else, but instead to go up to someone and whisper in their ear….
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Murdoch’s New Paper

In Publishing on January 15, 2011 at 11:10 am
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I read in the Sydney Morning Herald this morning that Rupert Murdoch has entered into a venture with Steve Jobs to develop a new iPad only newspaper which will cost subscribers 99 cents a week.

The problem with the model of course is that it completely ignores the fact that most people browse news across a flat line of media options rather than vertically under one masthead.

Time will tell whether it will work. My view is that this is purely a device by Murdoch to keep the analysts guessing, and to create some hoopla around the concept that Rupert will find the answer because he is the ultimate smart guy in the room. Reality is that he is a spruiker of his scrip and as long as he has a new sexy announcement can make yet another placement and raise new capital. In that regard there is no doubt that he has the biggest balls in the room. But smart…. we’ll see.