Macro Wikinomics

In Convergence on December 2, 2010 at 9:20 am
Net Change Week 2010 - The Provocation of Don ...

Image by mars_discovery_district via Flickr

This link takes you to an interview with Don Tapscott, one of the authors of Wikinomics and now Macro Wikinomics.

The thinking that is at the heart of his work and is also at the heart of mine, is that in a totally networked world almost everything that we have taken for granted as being key to the way that the economic side of life works, needs to be re-evaluated.

That doesn’t mean that capitalism as a concept disappears. But it does mean that many of the concepts of enlightenment thinking need to be re-appraised so that network theory and practice are incorporated into the models for rewarding people.

I am writing a paper on this (with assistance from Nick Martin – who is doing some additional research for me) with the intent of exploring how to bring together a number of areas of research that have been undertaken over the last few years. One of these areas that I think is quite interesting to weave into this topic is the research by James Treadwell, who is Professor of Criminology at the University of Leicester. His studies into the declining rates of certain kinds of crime in the UK and the causes, are interesting because the appear to show the dynamic nature of morality and regard for law, and the relevance of comparative price points of goods.

I shall be publishing some thoughts on this and why it is relevant to the content industry in future weeks.


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