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In Convergence on November 24, 2010 at 6:04 pm
Sydney City to Surf start 2005

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Here is an article that should really hearten all of the students who took my course earlier this year.

It is about the next area of disruption that is taking place – advertising. To be hones there are so many areas of business being disrupted now, it is like the beginning of the City to Surf race , where you see a mass of people bunched up all trying to break away from the pack.

Now finally people in advertising are starting to realize that you can’t just keep on with the old model in the hope that someone will come and save you. The new model is here.

What should be of interest to some of the students is that when they go into businesses, if they have the right attitude, they will find that rather than being the junior artisans in the business, who have to do the demeaning things that people used to have to do, they may find themselves rising fast through the ranks… But that possibility doesn’t come because you sit in the background and just do what you are told. It comes from having a serious understanding of what actually works. And only the best of the best have that level of intelligence and confidence.

Here is a quote from the article…

They’re all well aware that coding is now prized over copywriting and that a résumé that includes Xbox and Google is more desirable than one featuring stints at BBDO or Grey.

Step one of their therapy, of course, is admitting there is a problem. In this room where Swedish pastries litter a couple of Ikea tables, they have been told that their first assignment is to “put [their] digital stinky fish on the table.” So each supplicant finds some space on the floor and rolls out that big blank sheet of paper. Eventually, everyone writes something, and after a few minutes, the group gathers in a circle — a safe space — where one by one they voice their insecurities. The first person stands up. “I walk around in fear and loathing, dazed and confused,” he says. Another confesses, “I’m a person who’s petrified to fail.” One by one, they exhale the cold fears of an entire industry: “I feel like I’m standing here and there are a thousand baseballs dropping from the sky and I don’t know which ones to catch.” “I left my cushy job at a global agency. Actually, I didn’t leave; I was pushed out.” “I kind of feel like the digital world is a gated world. It’s wide open, but I don’t even know enough to walk in.” “This whole ‘collaboration, we’ll work together as a team’ breaking down of the creative director and art director team — I find it fucking difficult.”


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