The Next Generation Of Media

In Consumers on November 22, 2010 at 3:05 pm
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The next generation of media is going to be run by people who are revolutionaries.

And the people who run the big companies, those who are smart, anyway, know it. And they are scared shitless. Because finally the penny is dropping. Read this story from Fast Company about the vision from ad execs in Madison Ave about their own futures.

The bottom line is that they realize that unless they get with the program they are doomed. And yet they are not…

The point is that there is always room for creativity and vision. But now that creativity and vision needs to go beyond trying to control the consumers. Now the vision needs to be seriously smart. And unless it delivers something of benefit to the planet and to the human race, it is unlikely to deliver for the consumer for more than a short time.

The fundamental truth is that brands are owned by their consumers. Of course consumers are lazy and they want a lot of things for nothing. But what that means is that the way to their hearts is to give them more for nothing. And the first products that they want are those that can be digitized – music, movies, books, games…


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