Marking BCM301 Major Works

In Coursework on November 7, 2010 at 5:19 pm
Essays of Michel de Montaigne

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It’s the end of the semester here and last week I spent a lot of time reading essays and marking…

That in itself has been a learning experience!

There were 115 students in the course, but only 22 in the tutorial that I teach for BCM301 fortunately. It takes a lot of time to read all that verbiage, and then to really consider the marks to give to each one based on a variety of criteria…

Each of these students had to write an essay of approximately 2,000 words and in it explore a trend in media and communications, with the caveat that it must be shaped so as to be clearly filtered through the writer’s cultural, historical or other unique world view.

The instructions that I gave to the students was to go to the edge, and then beyond. They needed to show that they could undertake solid research on the one hand, but could use what history taught them to develop a view of the future for the particular topic that they chose that would be visionary, personal, entertaining and useful. It needed to perform that for me as a reader, and marker of their papers, but would hopefully be able to go beyond that and provide the students with documentary evidence of their capacity to think and communicate. That could potentially stand them in good stead when going to a job interview if they chose to write about an area of communications that they both felt passionate about and thought could represent a career choice.

For some it was a tall order. For others the work that was submitted was a delight to read and to mark.

I think that the main thing that I am going to take away from this experience is that there are some really good thinkers that are joining the work force, and who have imagination, intelligence and drive.

I have over the last week read essays that explored how social networking is evolving in Egypt and its relevance; how advertising within social networks is likely to be altered significantly by the ways that Gays and Lesbians are using it as a way to meet and  communicate; how journalism is going to evolve as “Networked Social Journalism” becomes the driver of mainstream media and information flow. One student explored the edge with an essay on how Second Life users realise their ends  purely by the act of engagement with the screen – she stopped short of proposing that there is a God-like sense for someone controlling their avatar inside a virtual world. Tt was out there and at the edge.

Some of the students have scored extremely well. Sadly some have not…

I wish all the students that I have taught this last semester well in what they do next!

  1. Hey Chris on this topic do you happen to know where we can find our marks? I would really like to see how i went.

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